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It Takes a Village…of Zombies

It Takes a Village…of Zombies published on 2 Comments on It Takes a Village…of Zombies

The origin of this comic is DayZ.  Brutal, horrible DayZ.

If getting ganked for a can beans doesn’t make a gamer crave the ability to switch teams and join the zombie horde, then I don’t know what will.

That’s not to say I wouldn’t gank a guy for his beans–I just haven’t been able to yet.

Truth be told, I stink at DayZ. Like a heretofore unknown level of stink.

Which is weird for me, as I’m generally an apt enough gamer. I guess I just haven’t tapped into that deep, patient part of my gaming psyche that would allow me to sit in a tree all day with a sniper rife in the hopes that someone may wander into my field of vision…all for a can beans.

In theory, that is one of the allures of DayZ–the real┬ámenace to the survivors isn’t really the zombie plague, rather it’s your fellow survivors. No doubt (like with all games) this experience would be better with friends.

Friends I could run with. Friends I could explore a bleak survival simulator with.

Ultimately, friends I could betray for their beans.




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