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It Takes a Village…of Zombies

It Takes a Village…of Zombies published on 2 Comments on It Takes a Village…of Zombies

The origin of this comic is DayZ.  Brutal, horrible DayZ.

If getting ganked for a can beans doesn’t make a gamer crave the ability to switch teams and join the zombie horde, then I don’t know what will.

That’s not to say I wouldn’t gank a guy for his beans–I just haven’t been able to yet.

Truth be told, I stink at DayZ. Like a heretofore unknown level of stink.

Which is weird for me, as I’m generally an apt enough gamer. I guess I just haven’t tapped into that deep, patient part of my gaming psyche that would allow me to sit in a tree all day with a sniper rife in the hopes that someone may wander into my field of vision…all for a can beans.

In theory, that is one of the allures of DayZ–the real menace to the survivors isn’t really the zombie plague, rather it’s your fellow survivors. No doubt (like with all games) this experience would be better with friends.

Friends I could run with. Friends I could explore a bleak survival simulator with.

Ultimately, friends I could betray for their beans.



The Best Things in Life Are Free

The Best Things in Life Are Free published on No Comments on The Best Things in Life Are Free

I’ve got a fever…a fever only the Walking Dead can cure.

I suppose I could try cowbell.

The AMC series is really quite good. Good primary actors, writing, directing, visual work–despite this, fans of “The Walking Dead” comic fill every comments section the series with vitriol.

“The comic is better.”

“The series changed the comic.”

It’s common to complain that a book is better than a movie adaptation–it’s almost always true too.

The difference with TWD is a phenomenon I’ve noticed in a few other places in my beloved Nerd Culture as of late. The exclusive knowledge, passion, and ownership that niche media fans have is a fascinating double edged sword.

Fan loyalty and love, comes coupled with a hostility toward outsiders, casual fans, and change.

The same phenomenon has happened in SWTOR as of late. The announced change to a Free-2-Play model has players who once moaned about the empty servers, howling about the hordes of casuals about to descended upon the game.

I guess consistency is the hobgoblin of narrow-minds, philosophers, and fanatics.



Nothing Says I’m Sorry Like Flowers

Nothing Says I’m Sorry Like Flowers published on 2 Comments on Nothing Says I’m Sorry Like Flowers

I’m a bit under the weather, so I’m going to be really brief tonight.

I’ve been spending the slivers of free-time I have playing UbiSoft’s Rocksmith. I can’t praise this game effusively enough–in fact, I love it enough to cross the “Pedant Barrier” and use the word “effusive.”

If you’ve ever been interested in learning the guitar or even if you’re a veteran guitarist, like Jim and I, it’s an amazing game. It works like a Rockband or GuitarHero game, except instead of clicking away on a toy, you get to rock out on your guitar. It’s engaging, challenging, and fun.

The game includes mini-games intended to help you master scales, chords, and general face melting techniques. It teaches you to play by starting you off with single notes, works up to roots/fifths, and finally chords and more complex arrangements.

Between this title and the Assassin’s Creed titles, UbiSoft is really doing games well. Hooray for UbiSoft… now send us some swag.



Do You Believe in Magic

Do You Believe in Magic published on 1 Comment on Do You Believe in Magic

The Soup doesn’t usually go political.

Nor does the Soup typically write about itself in the 3rd Person.

Reader it’s your lucky day.

We at the Soup would like to start by apologizing to the mythical fairy community. It’s crummy to be associated in any way with Aiken–we went with the “Conception Fairy” joke after testing out a long series of possible Aiken beliefs including:

Conception Centaur (Old Spice Commercials make me laugh so the centaur was a nonstarter)

Conception Cerberus (Man’s best friend, even with two heads)

Conception Leprechaun (They paid me off in yellow moons)

So, the Soup settled on fairies.  The Soup is very sorry.

On a semi-serious note…sadly, too many people share Aiken’s staggeringly idiotic, and wildly misogynistic views. Increasingly, I find that like Professor Farnsworth, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore.

Since I can’t leave, I guess the only thing I can do is ridicule them for the rest of time.

Have you mocked an idiot today?