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Holy… published on 4 Comments on Holy…

Tonight’s blog will be short as I need to explode somethings with an old flame, Rochelle.

Her hobbies include Depeche Mode, TV Producing, and zombie killin’.

I don’t know why I always wound up playing Rochelle, but I did. I couldn’t sing you a Depeche Mode song to save my buddy Keith’s life, so it can’t be that. I’ll leave you to speculate.

Longtime readers of the comic have no doubt guessed that Jim and I are huge Left 4 Dead fans. We played the game, as Jim has fondly noted, nearly every night for two years. I picked it up on Steam’s Summer Sale for $5 and find myself quickly falling in love all over again.

At this point in my life it’s an almost perfect game for me. It’s competitive and compelling, funny, and if my little guy wakes up I can walk away knowing that the AI will take over and my pals won’t be a Rochelle short when the horde arrives.

Man, oh man, does Valve know how to make a game!




A few random Left 4 Dead thoughts:

Ellis is the man. I love me some Ellis.

Really I like all the characters, they’re part of what makes L4D so fantastic. Except for Nick, he’s kind of annoying. And Francis, I just can’t bring myself to warm up to him.

For some reason, very early on, I started calling Rochelle Roachy. I don’t really have a reason for it, but I never refer to her by any other name.

I am prone to bursting out “EXCUUUSE ME! EXCUUUUUUUUUSE ME!” whenever an applicable situation arises.

I bought it for my daughter, my nephew, and my dad. It is the only game I’ve played with my dad in years. He is incapable of paying attention to anything on the screen other than what he is shooting at the moment, which is cause for much hilarity on occasion.

Unless my daughter is playing, if I am playing as Zoey there is a very real chance I am going to try to do naughty things to Bill at some random point in the game. Because I am immature and I just can’t help myself.

My nephew was playing as Nick one time and he picked up an M60 and the game glitched so that it looked like he was holding it up in the air while pointing it forward gangsta style. This is the only time I’ve ever liked Nick.

I have two annoyances: my microphone was working fine, then some kind of Skype update happened (Valve licensed some tech from Skype or something like that), and my microphone hasn’t worked since. Running a server is way too difficult, yet I persisted and finally got one working only to have it stop working on the next update. Then I got it working again only to have it stop working on the next update after that.

Popped it in the ol’ Xbox last week and had a blast… Cold Stream leaves much to be desired, but at least all the original maps are included and still a blast. Looking for a posse to run with in Versus.

But I think, after this generation, I might just drop consoles entirely. Really sick of their shit.

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