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Cutting the Cord

Cutting the Cord published on 5 Comments on Cutting the Cord

We did cut the cord and I regret nothing.

I still watch way too much TV, but happily I’m not paying to watch the same program three times on different services (i.e. Cable, Amazon, Netflix, Hulu).

On the TV front, we’re re-watching The Walking Dead to pre-funk for this fall’s Season 3. I’ve come to a few conclusions:

  1. T-Dog’s continued presence on the show is not as inexplicable as one might expect. Although his character is poorly developed and ignored for the majority of Season 2–I’ve figured out why he’s still around.  He’s around so Merle can get revenge. Then we get a Darryl vs Merle brother fight. It’ll be glorious.
  2. Lori is more toxic than the zombies.
  3. Shane was almost always right.
  4. If my wife had to choose a survivor to be with it would be Shane. I suggested Hershel, but she stuck with Shane. Women are weird.
  5. I would like to go fishing with Otis, and I don’t even care for fishing.
  6. Lastly, and this is hard to admit, I realized that if the Zombie Apocalypse does strike I have virtually no marketable skills. My existence is completely dependent upon a well functioning civil society. I am good at reading and analyzing books–a skill I trade for cash. I can’t hunt, shoot, fish, build, forage, fix, or really do anything.

Before I bid you all a very fond farewell this week, I’d like to give a shout out to my friend Brian. He’s writing a blog for, Soup Friend, Javis Ray over at Legacy Control. Brian is a stellar writer who puts out some really funny nerd-culture commentary. Whatever he writes I read and you should too.




Good for you. I haven’t had cable in YEARS. And I don’t regret it. I don’t even watch that many TV shows. If I do find a show that I like I’ll probably just end up purchasing the DVDs. Despite the convenience of streaming I still feel DVDs offer the best quality, and non of that buffering crap that annoys the living hell out of me.

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