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An ABC Book

An ABC Book published on 2 Comments on An ABC Book

I’m super proud of this comic.

Some elements are true, some are inspired by true events.

The “A is for Arcade” panel was inspired by one of the great dating fails of all time. This is how Rico Suave I was…

My now wife and I planned on renting a movie (back when such things were done in places called video stores) and it was my job to pick something. I couldn’t find anything that interested me at the video store, but wouldn’t you know it they had a copy of a Nintendo 64 brawler WCW vs NWO. Needless to say, my wife wasn’t interested in a night of clunky console Pro-Wrestling. I spent the night on a stinky couch with my roommates–half-heartedly smacking Eric Bischoff in his face.

What she saw in me is still a mystery, but I’m glad she saw it.

The “B is for Botched” panel is a myth. My wife has never had a bad hair cut. A myth I say!

Though if she did, I might use it as an excuse to buy us matching pith helmets.

The “C is for Carry” panel is true. I have held many a bag so that my wife might have both hands with which to vanquish her rivals at a shoe sale.




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