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Two Unrelated Things: A Jack Janney Exclusive

Two Unrelated Things: A Jack Janney Exclusive published on No Comments on Two Unrelated Things: A Jack Janney Exclusive

Thing 1:  Doctor’s Offices

I’ve been in too many doctor’s offices as of late. Fear not friend of the Soup, Jack will live.

A lot of offices have shed their sterile, clinical digs and replaced them with a chic spa facade. The intent, no doubt, is to make the office feel relaxing and less hospital like. It doesn’t work for me–I appreciate the gesture, but I instantly begin dreading my bill even more than normal. The last office I was in had a sink that was barely an inch deep, and a faucet I couldn’t figure out.

It was awesome and a little depressing. I’ve never had a sink make me feel stupid.

It was even more depressing when the receptionist offered me a drink and served it like a first rate waiter.

If a doctor’s office has a bathroom with awesome designer sinks, and the receptions serves drinks you know your bill is going to have at least four digits.


Thing 2:  Marriage

I’ve been married to my lovely wife for a little over ten years now. Poor thing.

After that much time together a lot of the bullshit that surrounds a relationship falls away. Neither of us has the time or patience to play games or dance around issues–we are blunt with one-another and it’s beautiful.

Being so honest also makes for hilarious one liners.

Molly took me by the hand a few nights ago, looked up into my eyes and said, “Do me a personal favor tonight–have a few drinks. Please, please drink.”

At least I know I’m a pleasant drunk.



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