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The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

The Hand That Rocks the Cradle published on 10 Comments on The Hand That Rocks the Cradle

July 29th marks Unicorn Soup’s first year in digital print.

During that time, we’ve published 55 webcomics, written 79 posts, and approved 337 comments. It’s a bit amazing to me how far our comics have come in just a year. Below are my personal favorites from our early, mid-year, and recent comics. Enjoy the self-indulgent nostalgic reflections.

Looking at our earliest work I’m a little embarrassed by how wordy I was. Honestly, I’m stunned that Jim was able to find space for any pictures.

My favorite of our early works was “The Highlander” inspired comic, “There Can Be Only Dumb.”

The first two panels are in and of themselves a nice comic, but then I get all wordy in the second half. Despite breaking the cardinal sin of writing (Don’t fall in love with your words), I’m still very fond of this comic.

As the months went by I figured out that Jim could carry a comic with visuals alone, so I really cut back on the dialogue. The work I’m proudest of from those months is our dancing game piece, “Let Them Look.”

I got the inspiration for this game when Jim explained that he had gotten “Dance Central” for his wife and kids. As I’ve mentioned before, Jim and I are both rather tall. Being tall is great in virtually every scenario.

Need something from a high shelf, no problem.

Dunk a basketball, yes I can (well in high school).

Wife wants to wear heels, not a problem.

The only time being tall has failed me is on the dance floor. Sadly, I can’t dance. Nor can many of my tall brothers. Perhaps Jim can, but all the tall men that I’ve ever seen dance are more Elaine than Beyonce.

Finally, my favorite of all our comics “Operation Caligula Sunset.” I love this comic. Maybe it’s a little wordy, but by God I love it. Probably it’s the combination of sex and violence… gets me every time.

Thank you all for reading our comics over the last year. You have my sincere thanks and gratitude. If you’ve got a favorite comic we’d love to hear about it in the comments.



Summer Movies

Summer Movies published on 2 Comments on Summer Movies
Toddler Sized and Toddler Colored
Baby Indy’s 1st guitar.

Daddy plays guitar–so it’s natural baby would too.

I’m not great at it though, point of fact I think I’m a very average guitarist. I played in a college band, played some crappy shows, and generally had a ball.

Quick aside, thank god there was no YouTube or social networking with which to document the travesty that was the “Abdominal Snowmen.” I can’t believe we didn’t notice how homoerotic our band name was at the time–it may explain our total lack of groupies. Be careful what you document young readers, somethings should pass into memory. Like our single, “Beef-steak!”

I’m so glad none of you will ever hear that.

In one respect my son has already eclipsed my humble Rock CV–he smashed his first guitar today.

Moments after I’d tuned the thing too, though for this baby guitar tuned should probably read “tuned.”

Like all guitar smashings I’ve seen it was both beautiful and horrifying. A shame and a triumph. Chocolate and vanilla.

Rest in peace tiny guitar. We hardly knew thee, and had yet to name thee.

Sadly not Toddler Proofed
Baby Indy’s 1st guitar–R.I.P.  July 18th 2012-July 18th 2012


Two Unrelated Things: A Jack Janney Exclusive

Two Unrelated Things: A Jack Janney Exclusive published on No Comments on Two Unrelated Things: A Jack Janney Exclusive

Thing 1:  Doctor’s Offices

I’ve been in too many doctor’s offices as of late. Fear not friend of the Soup, Jack will live.

A lot of offices have shed their sterile, clinical digs and replaced them with a chic spa facade. The intent, no doubt, is to make the office feel relaxing and less hospital like. It doesn’t work for me–I appreciate the gesture, but I instantly begin dreading my bill even more than normal. The last office I was in had a sink that was barely an inch deep, and a faucet I couldn’t figure out.

It was awesome and a little depressing. I’ve never had a sink make me feel stupid.

It was even more depressing when the receptionist offered me a drink and served it like a first rate waiter.

If a doctor’s office has a bathroom with awesome designer sinks, and the receptions serves drinks you know your bill is going to have at least four digits.


Thing 2:  Marriage

I’ve been married to my lovely wife for a little over ten years now. Poor thing.

After that much time together a lot of the bullshit that surrounds a relationship falls away. Neither of us has the time or patience to play games or dance around issues–we are blunt with one-another and it’s beautiful.

Being so honest also makes for hilarious one liners.

Molly took me by the hand a few nights ago, looked up into my eyes and said, “Do me a personal favor tonight–have a few drinks. Please, please drink.”

At least I know I’m a pleasant drunk.



What Dreams May Come

What Dreams May Come published on No Comments on What Dreams May Come

Poor Patrick, he’s too honest. It does sound like a nice dream.

I don’t usually offer effusive praise for my partner in my posts, but man Jim killed it in this one. I love the action in this strip–the band’s postures as they rock, the pillow attack, Patrick’s homage to Pete Townsend.  Awesome. If you listen real close you can almost make out the band’s unique arrangement of “Won’t Get Fooled Again.”

Who knew it could be done zydeco?

On another note, I picked up my annual lawyer game on Steam this week.

Magic 2013 is going to be a nice obsession for me. Thus far I’m undefeated. Maybe tomorrow I’ll stop playing the tutorial.

If you wind up playing against me on Steam please bear in mind that I’m a good loser a rare thing in the Magic world.  That said, I’m an even better winner–so why not throw a few matches, just to see me win.

It’s a holiday so I’ll be a little short in my blog, I hope you all came out of the Fourth of July with all your fingers.