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Internet Diagnosis

Internet Diagnosis published on 5 Comments on Internet Diagnosis

After reading this Doctor Tobias Funke said, “I wish I could bottle what makes this funny.”

I’m always a decade late in my TV obsessions. This summer I’ve watched Firefly, Arrested Developmentand I intend to give Doctor Who another shot.

The problem isn’t so much that the shows I love are long cancelled–though that is a problem, it’s that referencing the shows in conversation confuses people terribly.It requires a lot of crappy exposition from me to make the jokes intelligible. It’d be sort of like writing a blog that was intended to be funny and loading it full of hyperlinks to ensure that your audience could follow the meat of the discussion.  When people know the shows, I usually just get a polite smile. I feel like Michael Bluth in 2004 making a “Not” joke from 1992–jokes run their course and the delicate art of the humorist is to know when to stop.

As to the comic itself–And this is why you never take your pants off in front of the computer.

No matter how innocent your reason.

No matter how cogent your explanation.

No matter how pure the contents of your web-history.

Everyone will think you were whacking it.

Which if you sat there longer… let’s be honest, is real possibility.



PS:  People who liked this comic about masturbation might also enjoy these fine creators (obviously a NSWF is possible with each of these).

Legacy Control–“Internet Explorer”

The Frumps–“The Net is Down”

The Obscure Gentlemen–“Dad Dad Daddy-O”

TWXXD–“New Directions”


Fear not, referencing Arrested Development will never go out of style. Cool people such as myself will always appreciate it.

It was depressing back in the early 2000s to have your two favorite shows — Arrested Development and Firefly — mismanaged by Fox and left to die. The good thing about that is we weren’t forced to see them go for five seasons of shark jumping, cast departures, shitty writing, and shrinking budgets.

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