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The Family that Mines Together

The Family that Mines Together published on 6 Comments on The Family that Mines Together

I’m afraid to share this blog.

What will my readership think of me? 

A readership I have no doubt numbers well into the teens. Even if it costs Jim and I readers, I’m tired of living a lie.

I’ve sinned and the only way to deal with the depravity of my nerd sins is a nerd confession.

Here goes, for your chastising pleasure I’ve grouped them into Cardinal and Venial Sins Against Nerd-dom.


I haven’t played Minecraft, and I think it looks idiotic.

I liked Armageddon, and that Aerosmith song.

I’ve pretended to be a huge fan of both “Firefly” and “Dr. Who,” though I got bored with both after the first episode.

I don’t really think Slave Leia is that hot.

If you ask me who will win between Kirk and Picard I honestly think… *yawn* What were we talking about?

I’ve yelled “Leeroy Jenkins,” referenced it in conversation, and this blog but have never, nor will I probably ever watch the video. It’s a video right?


I consistently misspell “Wookiee” as “Wookie” and “Tatooine” as “Tattooine.”

I’ve watched every season of The Guild but I’m not sure why.

I will let my son play with the Grimlock that I got for Christmas in 1984.

Googling things seems like an awful lot of work, I’d rather just not know.

Huh, I was hoping for catharsis.

Instead I just feel sort of exposed. So, who wants to go watch a few episodes of “Dr. Who” on Netflix? I love that show.



PS  I really shouldn’t read “The Crucible” right before I do these.


OK then…


I haven’t played Mass Effect, I think it tries too hard to be the ultimate nerd space opera.

Operation Métro is my favorite Battlefield 3 map.

I enjoy, and am proficient with, both Windows and Mac OS operating systems. Linux and all the rest can kindly fuck off.


I think Slave Leia IS hot, and cannot watch those scenes with other people due to my acute bonersitis.

I think Nathan Fillion is cool, but much overrated. Plus, he’s gotten fat.

I always endeavor to spell Star Wars names correctly, and will correct those who do not. You guys got “Twi’lek” wrong in the Jedi Existentialism strip. But I forgive you.

Operation Metro… I knew you were depraved, but seriously Force. Agreed on the OS.

I’d recommend you visualize Gamorrean copulation for the “acute bonersitis,” if that doesn’t work try adding “You’ve got a pretty mouth” to the visualization and it should clear right up.

I feel so betrayed!! I trusted you to be a real geek! Instead you’re just another poser.

*weeps uncontrollably*

If you’ll note my response to James… our first goal is education. In that vein might I suggest you never trust a stranger to be what they portray themselves to be, particularly on the internet.

That said, trust me that I am indeed a nerd.

My nerd CV includes this webcomic, a thorough understanding of the now archaic THACO, Star Wars toys, I even had Transformer sheets on my bunk-bed until I was 22. I changed them only when my girlfriend, now wife, told me that I wasn’t getting laid until I ditched them.

So now the quandary, do you take my sage advice and distrust me by virtue of the fact that I’m a stranger on the internet… or is my tale of abject nerdery sufficiently convincing to wash away the “poser” label?

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