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Oh the Drama

Oh the Drama published on 6 Comments on Oh the Drama

This script had its origins in Facebook.

In other news from ‘”Duh Magazine,” Facebook is a weird place. One that Jim makes me inhabit for the more efficient distribution of Soup.

Even though I’m a resident, I’m not terribly comfortable there. It’s a weird parallel universe that I struggle to embrace and understand. It may be that I’m an introvert, and the urge to mute everyone who’s cluttering up my wall is all too irresistible.

I’d like a neat, tidy, and silent wall thank you (Unicorn-Soup readers excluded of course, you all can clutter away).

Although a “Friends List” full of muted people clearly defeats the purpose of Facebook, it sounds to me like the perfect incarnation of the site.

All that said, Facebook is great in a lot of ways it…well it lets you…

I guess if nothing else it did inspire this comic. There’s that.



P.S.  Follow us on Facebook!  If for no other reason than to mute us.


No, I don’t think it defeats the purpose of facebook, I do it too.

Try to think of it as facebook being you address book + phone. You’d go crazy if all of your contacts called you all the time, you only really like to call or get calls from a few people and see whats up, but its always good to have the contact info of the rest.

After waiting in line at PAX to get my picture taken with the power loader and alien, I had to wait in another line while the people ahead of me uploaded the pics (taken from a nearby webcam) to Facebook, Twitter, etc.

I blurted, “Oh, for fuck’s sake!” without thinking. The booth girl must’ve felt the same way, because she let it slide.

A lot of the interactivity at PAX was following or liking on Facebook, for the chance to win free spam, I guess. I personally love using Facebook, but in a quasi-ironic way for trolling people. It’s no fun unless you embrace the stupidity and narcissism.

Ok Force, but just so long as it’s done in a quasi-ironic way. If you begin using it to authentically connect with your fellow man then… well then… I guess there’s no real “then.” I guess you’d just be better connected to those around you.

BTW I miss your angry outbursts my man. Especially when directed at the “Young Buck.”

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