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Two’s a Crowd

Two’s a Crowd published on 1 Comment on Two’s a Crowd

Krogan love fried chicken–it’s not a well known part of the Mass Effect canon, but it’s there I assure you.

The nerd outcry over co-op in Mass Effect struck me as bizarre. Granted it provided us fodder for a comic, but really if you don’t like co-op then don’t play it.

Nerd sensitivity in general is odd especially, when developers are giving nerds something extra that is completely optional. People are weird.

In other news, I’m still spending too much time playing SWTOR (give in Javis)–last night I had a fascinating experience a real honest to goodness role playing experience in an MMO. My brother and I were cruising Tatooine when we came across a couple of Sith fighting an elite mob.

The Sith saw us, we exchanged in character barbs then both sides lit up our lightsabers and went at it–when the dust settled the Sith were dead, but by the Force I respected the shit out of the gamers. They came back for more a while later we had another round of repartee and this time they won the fight, which was sort of immaterial as the experience was an amazing one. My Bro and I duking it out on Tatooine with Sith–and both sides staying in character.

Childhood fantasies come to life.



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Completely fair point about loving or leaving the co-op feature… this is coming from a sensitive nerd, mind you. That said, it’s the Catch-22 of game design: keep the formula the same, nerds complain. Change and/or add new elements, nerds complain. In the case of ME3, though, I think nerds were savvy enough to see that the co-op wasn’t added because they asked for it or BioWare thought it would benefit the series artistically. The decision smacks of “kids these days like multiplayer, and co-op! Make it with co-op!” edicts from EA or shareholders or whoever.

So… profit motive, rather than artistic. But what isn’t these days? And if people enjoy the co-op, who cares? More fried chicken for you Krogan wannabes.

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