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The Grass is Greener, part 2

The Grass is Greener, part 2 published on 4 Comments on The Grass is Greener, part 2

Stupid Brawny Man, Jack never would have done that to poor Molly.

First of all, he wouldn’t have been outside. There are bugs outside.

Secondly, four-wheelers are idiotic. Unless they’re strapped with C4 a la Battlefield 3. So he certainly wouldn’t have drug her onto one.

Believe it or not, Panel 6 actually happened to a friend of mine, though I don’t think her Brawny Man was quite so strapping as the one Jim has given us.

She was on a date and flung off of an ATV–she lay whimpering in the dirt until her date was able to turn around. When he did come back he delivered the priceless line from Panel 6, “Get up, ya pussy!  You’re embarrassing me in front of my friends!”

It was their last date.

Pro-tip fellas, ask if your date is okay–before calling her a pussy. Or better yet, if you have the urge to call a woman pussy get a vasectomy. Your lineage needs to end.




It boggles my mind to no end how some guys can treat their women like commodities, and go about acting like she is just one of the guys. I’ve spoken to several women who complain about their boyfriends belching and farting in front of them. And to be fair, there is a comfort point in a relationship where you could, maybe, on occasion, pass one. And everyone is different. Some might not mind. But there is a level of respect that you should try to have and know that while she might be your best friend, she is still a lady, and would probably appreciate being treated like one from time to time. That probably means going into the bathroom when you gotta fart a super loud, wet, one. It might not muffle the sounds too much, but even that tiny gesture of leaving the room is appreciated.

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