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The Grass is Greener, part 2

The Grass is Greener, part 2 published on 4 Comments on The Grass is Greener, part 2

Stupid Brawny Man, Jack never would have done that to poor Molly.

First of all, he wouldn’t have been outside. There are bugs outside.

Secondly, four-wheelers are idiotic. Unless they’re strapped with C4 a la Battlefield 3. So he certainly wouldn’t have drug her onto one.

Believe it or not, Panel 6 actually happened to a friend of mine, though I don’t think her Brawny Man was quite so strapping as the one Jim has given us.

She was on a date and flung off of an ATV–she lay whimpering in the dirt until her date was able to turn around. When he did come back he delivered the priceless line from Panel 6, “Get up, ya pussy!  You’re embarrassing me in front of my friends!”

It was their last date.

Pro-tip fellas, ask if your date is okay–before calling her a pussy. Or better yet, if you have the urge to call a woman pussy get a vasectomy. Your lineage needs to end.



The Grass is Greener, part 1

The Grass is Greener, part 1

The Grass is Greener, part 1 published on 11 Comments on The Grass is Greener, part 1

Back to the lightbox! I ink the comic using a combination of (faux) sable brushes, crow-quill and writing pens, and occasionally the microns that I letter with. I find that changing the tools for different sorts of details keeps the drawings readable in black and white and lends a certain solidity that I lack when I just use one tool for the whole drawing. I fill in the beta areas as I go. I’ve been working on an uncoated board that is pretty absorbent, which limits the number of times I smear still-wet ink with my hand as I’m drawing. I’m experimenting with different boards right now, so that might change soon. Inking over a drawing is an art form in and of itself, and it’s amazing to me how much character a drawing gains (or on bad days, loses) when it’s translated from simple pencil to expressive brush and pen. When that’s done, I make any necessary touch-ups using white gouache or white tape.

The Grass is Greener Part I

The Grass is Greener Part I published on No Comments on The Grass is Greener Part I

Jim and I have been at Unicorn Soup for approaching a year now–this comic marks our first proper multi-comic story arc. Thanks to my wife for the story concept. Her quote was, “If you can capture how frustrating gamers and non-gamers can be to one another in a relationship you’ll win a fucking Oscar–or whatever it is that they award for comics.”

It’s called an “Eisner” baby.

My wife has incredible faith in us.  Mostly because she likes Jim’s art.

I hope you enjoyed Part I of “The Grass is Greener.”

On the gaming front, I’m still poking around SWTOR with my brother. Though I find that I’m strangely anti-social in the game. In part, I think it’s due to the excellence of the writing and “campaign.” I just finished the main story arc with my Jedi Consular and am now a bit more free to roam the galaxy…perhaps I’ll make a friend this week.

TV last week was amazing because of “The Walking Dead.”  Last week’s episode marked a high watermark for me as the actors seem to have settled into the roles and are fleshing them out a bit. Rick in particular, already a deep character, has become more engaging. As for his foil, Shane–Jon Bernthal, has done a brilliant job of humanizing the entirely unlikable character. I can’t wait for Sundays.



Desperate Times

Desperate Times published on 5 Comments on Desperate Times

I’m sure you’ve got two questions. One an obvious question, and then a follow up.

The obvious question, “Did this happen?”

To answer that I’ll refer you to Panel 6.

The follow up is no doubt, “Okay so it, ‘Didn’t happen,‘ but does it work?”


Err–that’s what the internet tells me at least.

Why a wife would ever leave her husband alone with an infant is beyond me. Life is full of lessons.



Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day published on 6 Comments on Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day. I hope you spent the requisite currency to sufficiently prove your affection towards your loved one/significant other. All cynicism aside, it may be a crass and commercial excuse for a holiday, but it never hurts to show him or her you love them (I guess it can hurt if someone’s got serious issues, in which case, they should be looking for a good therapist).

Okay, cynic shields back up! Blah blah, monetize everything blah blah blah price on emotions blah. So there.

Two’s a Crowd

Two’s a Crowd published on 1 Comment on Two’s a Crowd

Krogan love fried chicken–it’s not a well known part of the Mass Effect canon, but it’s there I assure you.

The nerd outcry over co-op in Mass Effect struck me as bizarre. Granted it provided us fodder for a comic, but really if you don’t like co-op then don’t play it.

Nerd sensitivity in general is odd especially, when developers are giving nerds something extra that is completely optional. People are weird.

In other news, I’m still spending too much time playing SWTOR (give in Javis)–last night I had a fascinating experience a real honest to goodness role playing experience in an MMO. My brother and I were cruising Tatooine when we came across a couple of Sith fighting an elite mob.

The Sith saw us, we exchanged in character barbs then both sides lit up our lightsabers and went at it–when the dust settled the Sith were dead, but by the Force I respected the shit out of the gamers. They came back for more a while later we had another round of repartee and this time they won the fight, which was sort of immaterial as the experience was an amazing one. My Bro and I duking it out on Tatooine with Sith–and both sides staying in character.

Childhood fantasies come to life.



Launch Party

Launch Party published on 2 Comments on Launch Party

Behold your future my childless nerds.

It’s different, a happy different, but certainly different. The time I do get to game seems sweeter now, less frequent certainly, but sweeter.

As to the comic, one of my favorite parts about collaborating with Jim are the background jokes and Easter Eggs he includes.

Panel 4’s “Flying Brick” killed me… and apparently some helpless Nooblette. I do love the ironic/slogan t-shirts he includes as well, something I rarely, if ever, include in the scripts.

I also like to imagine that Jim is making little conceits throughout the comic to anyone patient enough to look.

Take the blocks in the final panel for instance, though I’ve not confirmed it with Jim, I think he’s making a Hamlet reference “2” and “B” on the blocks. Hamlet’s soliloquy is a meditation on how one continues life in the face of trial and strife. The 1 Up Mushroom is clearly a continuation on the theme as it literally represents life in the gaming Universe. Thus, Jim has deftly combined the classic representation of new life (infancy) with the gaming representation of new life (Green Spotty Mushrooms).

Why the combination? I think Pezzetti is arguing, and this is a classic Pezzetti move, that one needs to stop reading and play more games. Whether it be rocketship or Mario–play will chase away all that nasty introspection.

Well done my good man. Perhaps someday I’ll learn that brevity is in fact the soul of wit, and you can stop trying to cram all my dialogue into our panels.



Launch Party

Launch Party

Launch Party published on 3 Comments on Launch Party

On my lightbox, with a new board, I trace the panel borders and lightly mark the spaces I’ve left for dialog in pencil. I have to be careful to make clear the spots where artwork breaks the borders or the bubbles so I don’t have to make corrections later. Then I rule the lines for the letters using my trusty Ames Lettering Guide. I pencil in the letters, then ink them with a couple different Micron pens (sort of a disposable technical pen). Then I draw the balloons, and ink the panels. When that’s done I erase all my pencil lines on the sheet. This now, is my favorite part of making the comic. Sharply ruled panels, dialog balloons and text stark black against my white board– I just think this looks so cool! Much better than after I dirty it up with a lot of silly drawings.