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Crib of Doom

Crib of Doom published on 1 Comment on Crib of Doom

This strip inspired by true events.

It’s got to be the surreal juxtaposition that bothered me so much about assembling my son’s co-sleeper.

The pastel plush sides, comfortable yet firm mattress–all designed to help baby sleep soundly, all within reach of Mom. It is a tender and nurturing product.

A product covered with warnings of its potential lethality. The entire underside of the mattress was a 10 point font compilation of these warning…there’s not an inch of empty space.

Place your child here–if you dare!

Utterly horrifying.

I’ll spare you an analysis of the dangerous and shoddy collection of children’s products or overly litigious half-wits that requires such a warning–suffice it to say there’s quite a lot of money to be made in terrifying new parents.