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Let Them Look

Let Them Look published on 3 Comments on Let Them Look

If I can ever get Jim on Facebook, we should bring some collective pressure to bear to see if we can get him to release the photos he had to take of himself for this piece.

In gaming news, I’ve moved to the Dark Side for a time.

Star Wars:  The Old Republic has been filling the slivers and cracks of free-time I have. Think of the game like a PG-13 Mass Effect–the character models, voice acting, and goofy running animation you either love or hate from Bioware are all there.

At this point, I’m playing through the game with my brother and for all intents and purposes we’re playing it like a co-op game. There are, of course, giant guilds already and I’ve no doubt they’re engaged in power-leveling, flowcharts, drop rate analysis, and all the anal-retentive horseshit that makes MMO players so insufferable.

If I ever mention drop rates, or optimal dps builds–please, help me.  Seriously, not joking, help me.

Anyway back to why the game is awesome and a threat to my soul… What separates the SWTOR experience from something like WoW is that Bioware has clearly worked to tell a story with each of the classes–a really, really good story.

Bioware has also succeeded completely in making me feel heroic from the outset. It shouldn’t take 40 “heroes” to kill any random mob (*ahem*Blizzard I’m looking in your direction), Bioware has gone the route of small groups and heroic battles and so far I’m totally and completely loving it the experience.

To my fellow Star Wars fans, if you’ve got a PC that can run it you really owe it to yourself to pick it up at some point. Forceflow, I’m talking to you my man.




I’ve never been a real fan of MMOs. The last one I was really into was PSO. I really wanted to play this but was disappointed with the monthly fee. I won’t really have much free time to play this game at all. I also need a graphics card that will run the game since the beta lagged my computer. It was still playable but it would get annoyingly slow with a bunch of players on screen. I might give it a try during the summer.

Anyways, on a lighter note, I am loving Dark Souls nay addicted to Dark Souls. I’ve put in a good 40 hours and I haven’t even rang Quelaag’s bell (actually I’m about to beat that bitch spider women as soon as I’m done writing this). Probably the best 24 bucks I’ve ever spent. Also I hate the Capra Demon…seriously. GOTY.

Never. I’ll never turn to the Dark Side.

Why? I oppose TOR almost solely on its aesthetics. I don’t like the look of the game, how it reminds me of everything wrong with modern Star Wars. The same designs and archetypes reused over and over again until they’ve reached a glossy sheen. If BioWare and LucasArts had shown a trace of originality, I might be interested.

Also, Skyrim. That arrow I took to the knee is lodged but good.

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