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Running in Place

Running in Place published on 3 Comments on Running in Place

Dear DICE,

The Soup kids because we care.

Battlefield 3 is a brilliant achievement. Frostbite 2 allows gamers to blow the bejeezus out of gigantic levels.  No other shooter series does what the Battlefield series does for me.  I think it’s the visceral sense of destruction that I love so much.

So why the critique?

DICE has begun listening too closely to gamers’ whims. I have no doubt their intention in adding so many unlockables to B3 was to inspire gamers to create diverse and fully customized loadouts.

In practice however, the system inspires stagnation.

I can’t fathom why DICE decided to make gamers unlock mirror image equipment on the Russian and American side, it feels like good game design was trumped by some executive in EA’s Marketing Department.  Forcing gamers to unlock everything twice, may double the number unlocks a game can boast, but it’s painful for your audience.

Actually, that’s not even accurate… gamers have to unlock each upgrade for each gun which becomes absolutely maddening.

There’s little incentive to explore newly unlocked guns because their totally stripped of all upgrades. Particularly, given that the upgrades give players such a marked advantage. The choice becomes either: play only with one’s initial loadout, or suffer through being hamstrung with a gun that may or may not be any better.

Is it any wonder that so many gamers have opted to step off the treadmill via the EOD Bot boost?

Clearly not.

Nor is it any wonder that EA/DICE recently banned and/or wiped the stats of “hundreds” of these gamers. At this point, they’re committed to a badly implemented treadmill system.

If I had the patience to boost I would. I would step off the treadmill–understand DICE the Boosters love your product.

They simply want to play the real game. The real game begins when players have the full and extraordinary collection of tools you built into Battlefield 3 at their disposal. A collection where, for every pair of scissors there’s paper and a rock.

Too often, the current design has me feeling like paper–with no rock at my disposal.



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The treadmill this time around definitely feels like an Executive Decision that lacked understanding of the product. As though some bigwig gave the order to make Battlefield “more like Modern Warfare.” For those of us who prefer Battlefield because it IS NOT Modern Warfare, this sucks balls.

Seriously. If we wanted to play Modern Warfare, we’ve already got four to choose from! Why should we play Battlefield?

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