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Gimme Your Gamertag

Gimme Your Gamertag published on No Comments on Gimme Your Gamertag

In my day job I’m a teacher.

An eternal truth in education is that students are completely incapable of imagining their teachers existing in “the Real World.”

I was no different as a teen.

The adolescent mythos is that teachers have a small cubbyhole under their desks where they are placed and  powered down at 4:15 by the night custodian–only to be revived at 7:30 the next morning. While my Union affiliation forbids me from either confirming or denying the “Cubbyhole Hypothesis” I can confirm that I’m allowed out of the school from time to time.

There are few things more amusing to me, and apparently my students, than being seen in public–without a tie, jacket, legal pad, and perhaps even wearing a ball cap. With genuine glee, my students will approach me the next day to inform me that I had been buying groceries the previous day and that they had no idea I liked broccoli so much.  It’s endearing and truly funny… in a way only kids can be.

The curiosity about the contents of my shopping cart is dwarfed by the curiosity about me as a gamer.

It’s flattering to be the subject of such curiosity, but a curious truth about XboxLive, MMO’s, and really any socially driven gaming community is that over time the old adage that, “Birds of a feather, flock together” seems to be true. With few exceptions my gaming friends are in their mid-to late 20’s and 30’s. My gaming experience would be sorely diminished if I had to constantly censor myself or exclude myself from discussions of gender, politics, religion, tc.

All that aside, it’d be tough to explain to parents during conferences why I was firing RPGs at their children in a simulated game environment.



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