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Tub-Bot published on No Comments on Tub-Bot
This comic was inspired by an actual “Tub-Bot.”
Think you’re playing with a Tub-Bot?
Follow, Jack’s easy guide to “Rooting out the Sentient Killing Machines” to find out.
Does the “person” in question have any of the following traits:
  • Pleasant Demeanor
  • Preternatural Reaction Time
  • Overactive Conscience (This trait would come out in the form of frequent apologies in competitive play–Though Tub-Bots crave carnage, they’re guilt stricken by it, largely because of some Asimov Code that still inhabits their neuro-network)
  • Aversion to Cornbread (I can’t verify that Tub-Bots actually hate cornbread, but because I’ve not heard them claim to like it, I feel it’s safe to assume they hate it…also, I needed a fourth bullet point)
The Tub-Bot who has identified himself in our comments section as, “Motubmo” has voiced to me privately that he’s not fond of the term  “Android.”
Rather, he prefers to be called an “Artificial Person.”   Well my android friend, “Hillbillies” want to be called “Sons of the Soil” but that’s not going to happen either.
I for one refuse to be held hostile by the Pro-Android media elites, and their Pro-Android agenda (sic).


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