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Dark Souls Diary

Dark Souls Diary published on No Comments on Dark Souls Diary
Will there be "Hope" inside this Pandora's Collectible Tin?
Dark Souls Collector's Edition

Welcome to my public humiliation.  Over the next several weeks I’ll be putting my inept gaming on display in the form of a Dark Souls game-log.  Each time I play, I’ll track the number of times I die, any particularly humiliating ends I may suffer, any interesting loot I may come across, and of course my rare triumphs over this devilishly cruel game.

Basically, all the private struggles a gamer would curse and cry his way through–I’ll make public.  Now please like me.

CE Unboxed
Moving Clockwise: Dark Souls Art Book, Collectible Tin, Game, Musical Score DLC

Check the comments later this evening for Dark Soul Diary Part 1.



“Fire the Javis Ray!”

“Fire the Javis Ray!” published on No Comments on “Fire the Javis Ray!”

Our buddy Javis over at Legacy-Control has a chance to get his comic on Kotaku’s Sunday Comics Page.

Javis does a great strip, this week’s is particularly good.  Seriously, it’s about time Princess Peach started packing heat.  Check out his new strip here.

With nearly 100,000 people who “Like” the Sunday Comics this would be a huge boon to Javis and his strip so head on over to the Sunday Comics Poll and vote for our buddy.

On a side note… how bad-ass is the name “Javis Ray?”  Sounds like something Data would tell Captain Picard to use.  If you really want to go above and beyond, copy the Soup Fans for Javis meme into the Kotaku comments: