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I Can Haz $4 Mic?

I Can Haz $4 Mic? published on 2 Comments on I Can Haz $4 Mic?
Yes you can haz $4 mic!


New isn’t better.

The first generation Xbox 360 headsets were simple and efficient.  The mute and volume controls were easily accessible.

Then came the “Chat Pad” that no one bought.

Most manufacturers followed Microsoft’s lead and began placing the mute and volume controls inline rather than as they were originally designed near the control pad.

Not only is inline placement a poor choice, but the audio-jack was clearly designed to fit snuggly in the QWERTY Pad rather than in the controller itself.  As a result the mics often don’t fit well and are prone to static.

I hate this design.

There’s a $4 fix.  My old mic broke so I was shopping Amazon and came across these little gems.  They’re Prime Eligible, cheap, work well, and best of all have the original control set up.

You’re welcome readers.


And here I thought that I was the only one who realized that having in-line volume control is stupid with a game controller. Just quickly move you thumb off the control-stick and you you’re golden.
It’s part of the reason why I’m still using one of the original headsets (that and I’m cheap). Might have to buy one of these bad boys as a replacement…

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