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Dark Souls Diary Entry 7–Ring My Bell Edition!

Dark Souls Diary Entry 7–Ring My Bell Edition! published on 6 Comments on Dark Souls Diary Entry 7–Ring My Bell Edition!

Dark Souls Diary Entry 7

Daily Deaths: 2
Total Deaths: 39
Bosses Beaten: 1 Gargoyles, 1 Mini-Boss Black Knight

Current Level: 25

Sweet Loot: Black Knight Shield (Awesome!), Gargoyle Axe, Heal Miracle

I can kick the hell out of a Gargoyle.

This isn’t vanity or ego.  Like Muhammed Ali said, “It’s not bragging if you can back it up.”

Oh can I back it up.  My first run at the Gargoyles I had them down to about 10% health–that was without a summoned NPC.  My next run was awesome, with the White Knight’s help I absolutely crushed them.  So handily did I beat them that I actually took the time to avoid killing them while I worked on acquiring the Gargoyle Axe.  The axe is actually the primary demon’s tail, if you land enough hits on the tail will come off (much like the Red Dragon/Drake Sword).  The axe looks awesome, especially when you wield it two handed–it actually bends like the Gargoyle’s tail.  Sadly it’s terribly weak… so it won’t be taking the place of my Drake Sword or my back up Astra’s Straight Sword.

After beating the Gargoyles I climbed the nearby bell tower–it was clear that this would be my moment to enter other players’ worlds and give them hope.  It’s not a common experience in gaming to feel pride, but as the bell rang out and the “Achievement Unlocked” signal flashed I felt some genuine pride.  I also found myself wondering who may have heard my bell toll… if any of you were on last night at roughly 10:45 EST you may have heard my bell.  If you did please drop us a line–I’d really like to know.

In any event, killing the Gargoyles was no doubt helped by the amazing shield I picked up earlier that evening.  In the tower near the Iron Boar there’s a black knight to kill him simply draw him down the stairs.  His attacks will (for the most part) pass harmlessly over your head, his overhead attack you can easily block.  The loot for me was the “Black Knight Shield.”  It’s awesome–100 Physical Resist, 95 Fire, 65 Lightning, 30 Magic.  Basically, it’s a keeper.

My brother got the “Black Knight Sword” from this knight, which has me wondering if the drops are class specific or just random.  I’m playing a knight and got the shield, he’s playing a ranger and got the sword.  Anyone else kill this knight?

I also picked up the Healing Miracle.  I’ve got a Faith of 14 and honestly, since I switched to the Drake Sword from the Astra Straight Sword, it’s been going to waste.  So I decided I was going to start buying some Miracles–Heal seemed like a good choice I didn’t play much after I bought it so I’ll let you know later how well it works.

Tomorrow I’m working on the Capra Demon or perhaps the Butterfly Demon.

Find out who is no longer with us in Thursday’s update.




I was also playing last night around that time and I did hear the bell ring. I remember that it was around that time because I had never heard the bell being rung. Hopefully it was you that rang it. I rang it around 9:45pm MST last night. I wonder if anyone heard it?

Awesome! Wow it’s a small, horrific world after all. 🙂

I’m in “The MTS” as the kids say too so hopefully our worlds synced up. I didn’t hear any other bells that night though it was hard to hear anything over the sound of my self congratulatory back patting.


I might have heard it too, even I was fooling around in The Catacombs. But I doubt it since I’m PS3ing it. Also, My fav setup/char~
Level 35
Fang Boar Helm+2 (Those Stats are too sexy and not too heavy either)
Tattered Cloth Robe+3
Tattered Cloth Manchette+3
Hollow Soldier Waistcloth+3
Prime Right~Drake Sword+2
Sec. Right~Pyromancy Flame+15
Prime Left~Hollow Soldier Shield+6 (Love 100% PHY protection shields in general, SO many bosses favor claw,club,sword,fist, foot, etc. usage)
Sec. Left~Longbow stocked-a-plenty with Wooden and Poison arrows

I know most of it’s light armor but that’s because my weight limit was 51 something so I could have some defense without moving like a turtle. But after killing the Fat Club Guy that resides in the Depths of Undead Burg’s tower (the door in the tower where you go to fight the Tartarus Demon), he dropped a ring that adds 50% more to your weight limit. I might tweak my setup to have more defense.

Great stats Zero.

I always go back and forth between wanting to level up my character and level up my gear. Like Jim I’m always too anxious that I’m going to find something better and waste my souls on gear. That said, there seems to be a light, fast method to your gear leveling madness so kudos.

I found a piece of blue titanite tonight so I’ll be making some big choices very soon 🙂

I killed the mace wielding fatty tonight and that ring was a huge boon for me!

I play a Knight so having my burden go up from 50 to 75 made a noticeable difference in my speed and agility.


I didn’t hear the bell, but I was deep in the bowels of Blight Town at the time.

Delta, you’ve been spending a lot of souls on your equipment I see. I need to start doing that– but as soon as I show a weapon some love, I discover another one that I like! Now I have to decide– do I level the Server, or the Claymore? The black knight you killed has been tearing me up every time I see him– I haven’t been back for a visit in a while though, and that ring sounds nice. I’ll have to give him another try.

Last night I joined the Servants of Chaos Covenant, and received my ‘gift of chaos,’ which was a bunch of insect eggs on my head. I found the gold-hemmed black robe outfit, and killed “Ceaseless Discharge” which, considering his name, was an act of mercy. Then I saw arrayed before me a terrible, terrible sight. On the left, a half-dozen Taurus Demons, and on the right, five or six Capra Demons! I soiled myself, and headed back to the forest to chase butterflies instead.

When it comes to souls spent on equipment, it’s really not that many. Upgrades usually cost 200 souls, no matter the level. You can earn that easy from farming for Large Titanite shards/Humanities/Eyes of Death in the Depths. Though upgrade the Pyro Flame requires LOTS of souls. About 400000+ souls to reach maxed power!?!

Stone Helm (I’m crying right now, More def with less weigh?! Though it can’t be upgraded like the FBH so it’s all good)
Stone Gloves/Gauntlets (Best def in the glove region but weights in @ 10.4!! I usually switch between the two when the situations call for different defs)
Pyromancy maxed at +21 thanks to swamp-lady with the weird name.

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