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There can be only dumb.

There Can Be Only Dumb

There Can Be Only Dumb published on 3 Comments on There Can Be Only Dumb

It’s pretty obvious I’m hand-lettering these comics.  I’m working on that, but my handwriting’s always been pretty awful.  I’m doing as much as possible by hand actually.  The gray tones in this comic are added digitally, but I’m trying with each comic to make it as complete as possible using traditional tools and methods.  At the end I scan it and make any touch-ups that are necessary.  Most corrections are made with gouache or white-out tape, though.

That said, I did cheat with the reverse text in this comic, by inverting the panels digitally.

Laser Death Sentence

Laser Death Sentence published on No Comments on Laser Death Sentence

I’m behind a day on the blog accompaniment to this piece.  Mea culpa–my back has been out from picking up Baby Indy.

Despite telling him that he’s letting lower organisms show up his species, he’s still not making a lot of progress on the walking front.  I know, I know he’s only four months old.  Honestly though, isn’t four months of lounging about enough for these babies?

Other parents tell me that their babies are just as free loading.  I’m not an Evolutionary Biologist, but I think that babies and their “inability to walk” are destroying the food chain advantage our species has spent 5864 years cultivating.

I just pray that the cow I had for dinner never realizes that it takes our young nearly a year to do what their young do within minutes.

From what I’ve read online this “I’m going to destroy my father’s back because I’m too lazy to walk” stage is just a phase.  Like post-college liberalism or pre-death conservatism the only lasting harm is in a shoe box full of embarrassing photos and perhaps a few stupid hats.


P.S.  Everything in this weeks comic actually happened.  Except the incineration.

Laser Death Sentence

Laser Death Sentence

Laser Death Sentence published on No Comments on Laser Death Sentence

This is actually the third comic Jack and I completed. We had around a dozen or so comics in the bag when we launched, but rearranged the order in which they publish to better introduce the characters and take advantage of other circumstances. So if the art seems inconsistent, that’s because– from your point of view– it is.  But if you look you can tell which comic was drawn first, and which came next.  Try to find the first comic I made when I finally got my hands on an Ames Lettering Guide!