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Birthing Class

Birthing Class published on No Comments on Birthing Class

This week’s comic was inspired by the classes my wife and I took before Baby Indy was born.

I did learn some useful stuff in those classes, and some weird stuff too.

Like, I learned that women of all backgrounds seem to relish stories of berserker women mangling their husbands during a contraction.  I’ve never seen an audience so rapt, as our class of pregnant women when the nurse told stories about bedridden women in full stirrups lashing out…

“So he reminded her again that she’d made a pledge not to take any pain meds during birth, and told the doctor she could tough it out.  Before we knew what was happening, she’d gotten a hold of the forceps…”

“Another time, a husband arrived still wearing his golfing glove.  Apparently, he’d decided to play-out the hole rather than come directly to the hospital.  Once we got her to let go, his hand lacked anything you could call a digit.  It was really more of a mashed fleshy flipper…”

Thank God my wife loves me and she spared my hands.  I’m pretty sure I could run a dual axis controller with flippers–though I’d prefer not to have to.



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